Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Industry - Chronoblade

Project Title: Chronoblade

Project Type: Industry Project (Published) October 2013 – December 2013
Publishers: nWay

  • Contracted through Concept Art House to program and consult UI Development
  • UI Development for ChronoBlade Guilds using Unity3D
  • Client-side code for API data get/set with C#
Description:  An action platform MMORPG for Facebook.

Tools:    Unity3D    nGUI

Industry - Legacy Of A Thousand Suns

Project Title: Legacy Of A Thousand Suns

Project Type: Industry Project (Published) August 2012 – January 2014

Publishers: Concept Art House

  • UI development for games with Unity3D
  • Development in Unity3D using plug-in nGUI
  • Created layouts for UI design
  • Requesting data and processing RESTful API for client-side using C# Code handling multiple device layouts with Android and iOS
  • Create and modify JSON data
  • Debug database and user data
  • Creating game content designs using Adobe Photoshop
  • Constructed UI art using Adobe Photoshop
  • Reduced memory usage by compressing/resizing graphics
  • Writing game design document pitches for potential contract licenses Managing XCode integration and Apple Development accounts Constructed and managed all game builds for Apple release Managed QA release builds daily
  • Managed Final release builds to iTunes Store
  • Organize company charity event with Extra-Life
  • Community management and support ticket handling 
Description:  A text-based MMORPG for iOS and Android devices. 

Tools:    Unity3D

Industry - Kings Quest: The Silver Lining

Project Title: The Silver Lining

Project Type: Industry Project (Published)  2011 - 2011

Publisher: Phoenix Online Studios

  • QA Engineer
  • QA Tester
Description: A fan-liscenced Point & Click Adventure game from the King's Quest franchise.

Tools:    Torque

Industry Project - Grem Legends

Project Title: Grem Legends

Project Type: Industry Project (Published) August 2011 – July 2012

Publisher: Tin Truck Games

  • Design iOS platform games from conceptualization to creation Development in Unity3D using plug-in Orthello2D
  • Write gameplay mechanics with C#
  • Level design and graphics handling in Unity3D
  • Management of game resources
  • Management of Apple Development accounts
  • Directing and advising art staff to consistent design work
  • Construct music player to create consistent audio flow throughout game Building sprites sheets
  • Managing animation frame sets
  • Management of game builds and Xcode integration 
Description:  Inspired by the arcade classics, game play is simple: tap the screen to blow up gremlins, tap Greg and Annie to switch between your two heroes. Swipe to flip gremlins off your house. All it takes is a finger. (Yes, use whichever one you like.)

Tools:    Unity3D    Orthello2D

Original Comics - Junkyard Angels

Project Title: Junkyard Angels

Project Type: Comic Book (Published multiple titles)

Publishers: Minus Zero Productions

Description:  A comic book mini-series.
Details: My role in this project was the colorer and inker. 

Personal Project - Chronicles of Prydain: The Black Cauldron

Project Title: Chronicles of Prydain: The Black Cauldron

Project Type: Personal Project (Unfinished)

Description:  A 2D point-and-click adventure game attributed to the old stylings of Kings Quest and The Curse of Monkey Island.

Features:  A point-and-click game with fully rendered backgrounds, inventory system, and sprite animations.

Details: This is a remake of a classic game The Black Cauldron with my own new input and custom artwork. Originally meant to be a test of my own abilities, it has become a full-blown game with over 70 backgrounds and all customized sprite animations.

Adventure Game System Photoshop CS3 

School Project - Space Security Guards

Space Hulk

Project Title: Space Security Guards Part VI: Out of Banana Pudding

Project Type: Group Project (Team of 4)

  • Designed graphics engine for a 3D platform game using DirectX9 in C++
  • Managed the loading of texture files into the memory manager for use on mesh overlays
  • Assisted in the construction of 3d models in 3DStudio Max
  • Designed textures and surface images in Photoshop CS3
  • Created functions to address GUI display and updating
Details: A 3D platform action game. The player controls a space security guard who battles robots and collects card keys to progress to the next level. This game was created from the ground up by a team of four. In 16 weeks we created a 3D Game Engine with collision detection, AI, and an imported physics engine.

Features: The game features a full 3D world with an over-the-shoulder view of the players character. The camera turns with the player, placing the viewer behind the character at all times.  
This game includes active AI, combat settings, inventory, and a functioning Headup Display. Players walk, shoot, jump, and activate switches to navigate hallways in a large spaceship filled with angry robots.