Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Industry Project - Grem Legends

Project Title: Grem Legends

Project Type: Industry Project (Published) August 2011 – July 2012

Publisher: Tin Truck Games

  • Design iOS platform games from conceptualization to creation Development in Unity3D using plug-in Orthello2D
  • Write gameplay mechanics with C#
  • Level design and graphics handling in Unity3D
  • Management of game resources
  • Management of Apple Development accounts
  • Directing and advising art staff to consistent design work
  • Construct music player to create consistent audio flow throughout game Building sprites sheets
  • Managing animation frame sets
  • Management of game builds and Xcode integration 
Description:  Inspired by the arcade classics, game play is simple: tap the screen to blow up gremlins, tap Greg and Annie to switch between your two heroes. Swipe to flip gremlins off your house. All it takes is a finger. (Yes, use whichever one you like.)

Tools:    Unity3D    Orthello2D

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